BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell


The BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell allows you to hear a sound when someone needs your attention while you’re listening to music on your phone or computer.  When I’m listening to music in my cubicle at work it takes people several seconds to get my attention.  Also, when I want to get the attention of other people that are listening to music, I find it awkward to tap them on the shoulder frightening them half to death and sometimes I just skip over that person altogether and bug someone not wearing headphones.

This diagram shows how the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell works.

  • A person pushes the doorbell (which is wireless and lightweight allowing it to be mounted on your cube wall using adhesive or Velcro strips).
  • The BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell then sends a wireless signal to your Bluetooth enabled phone or computer that has the BDB-5000 app installed.
  • The app then sends a doorbell sound to your headphones alerting you that someone is standing behind you needing your attention.

Currently, the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell is under development.

We will soon be launching a Kickstarter project to help bring the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell to reality for as many people as possible.

If you’re interested in knowing when the Kickstarter project starts, when it will be available for purchase, or have any additional questions, send an email to

To check our progress so far, check out our blog to see pictures and videos of the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell prototypes in action.