BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell

New Windows App

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I now have a working Windows application that can detect when someone presses the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell.  It can be set to start up when Windows starts, and you can choose any MP3 file as the doorbell sound.

This is a screenshot of the configuration window, where you choose your own MP3 alert sound, the text that will appear in the alert window, and whether or not the app will start up with Windows:


This is a sample of the Alert window that pops up when someone presses the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell:

This app will get more polish before it goes live, but it has proved the concept that a Windows app can talk to the doorbell and that the doorbell can trigger custom sounds and alert windows to appear on a Windows machine equipped with Bluetooth.  The code base used for this app may make the process of creating a Windows Mobile app a little easier.

As of now, we have a working Android app and a working Windows app.  Hopefully apps for mac and Windows Mobile will come soon.  An app for iPhone will be further away due to Apple’s restrictive policies requiring certification to interact via Bluetooth with custom hardware.  We will be able to design for those policies better once funding is secured.

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July 31, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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