BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell

Version 0.0.3 Testing

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Today I was able to fully populate the printed circuit board for the version 0.0.3 prototype.  The 2×3 pin header on the board is for the AVR micro-controller (an ATtiny2313).  I was able to program the AVR via the header as planned and everything has tested out great so far.  The previous prototypes used a breadboard friendly ATmega8515L in a DIP package.

There are a few issues with the board that I’ve noticed so far and plan to correct in future prototypes.  The most obvious is that I used the wrong footprint for the resistors (or ordered the wrong size resistors) so they are mounted vertical instead of horizontal.

The next steps are to cut the necessary holes in the enclosure and mount the circuit board in it.  I also plan to test the battery life with the new AVR chip and Bluetooth module.  With this version, I’ve also added an LED charge indicator, so I will also measure how long it takes to reach a full charge.

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July 14, 2011 at 9:28 am

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