BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell


My name is Jason Hendrix.

You can email for more information.

The BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell is a project I created in response to people never being able to get my attention while I was listening to music in my cubicle. I noticed that other folks had similar issues.

There have been cubicle doorbells (like this one at ThinkGeek) for quite a while. They all assume that you can hear the person trying to get your attention. If you could hear them already, the doorbell is just really a silly form of entertainment.

However, the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell is designed for people who wear ear buds or headphones while listening to music in their cubes. Press the button and through the magic of Bluetooth (and a custom Android or Windows application) a sound will be heard through the headphones, alerting the person that someone needs their attention.

The concept could easily be expanded on for uses outside of the cubicle. Like using it as a real doorbell at your home while listening to music around the house or in the back yard. You could also replace the typical doorbell button with other sensors (motion detection, beam breaking, temperature, light, etc.). The basic platform could have many uses.

As of June 21, 2011 the BDB-5000 Bluetooth Doorbell is patent pending.